Kentico Version 9 Launches

11/24/2015 7:43:10 PM

November 24, 2015
Reduta Theatre – Brno, Czech Republic

Kentico has launched version 9 of it's CMS/EMS today. Kentico 9 will be a real game-changer as it has made some big strides to address certain needs for both digital marketeers as well as developers.


After two failed attempts to attend Kentico Connection, this time I was lucky to witness the unveiling of Kentico 9 in Kentico's hometown Brno. The launch happend at Divadlo Reduta aka Reduta theatre. It's an 18th century theatre built on the city's oldest square, Zelný trh.

Kentico has addressed these features in its newest release.

1. Continuous Integration

2. Integrated Campaign Management 

3. Web Farm Support

4. ASP .NET MVC Support

These features are a win-win deal for both developers and marketeers as these features will mean faster development, scalability and digital campaigns management out of the box.

“There are only a handful of vendors who offer customers the full range of capabilities, from CMS through E-commerce to Online Marketing” said Kentico Founder and CEO Petr Palas. “There are even fewer who can deliver on that promise. Kentico is one of those companies.”

“This is a strategic release that I’m very excited about,” said Karol Jarkovsky, Director of Product. “Kentico 9 features improvements across the board for developing and deploying websites faster, simplifying the production of personalized content for content editors, and capturing more intelligence and insights from campaigns. Companies now have the power to improve and refine their digital strategy, aligning it to the needs of their customers and creating unique user experiences.”

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